We provide acoustic consultancies tailored to your   specific needs, at an affordable price. Whether it's a home recording studio or architectural planning, we can find the right solutions for you.

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We offer a wide range of full-scope acoustic, and sound related services that are customised to meet your needs.

our Services

  • Acoustic Consultancy
  • Noise Assessments
  • Noise Survey's
  • Noise Audits
  • Noise Solutions
  • Live Sound Mixing 
  • Audio Recording   

We provide a wide range of audio production services, such as audio recording and live sound mixing.

We provide professional noise solutions at an affordable price, tailored to you're specific needs.

A Simple Test

Is your workplace too noisy?

If you have to speak loudly or yell when speaking to someone from 1m away, then you more than likely are working in a noisy environment and should get a Noise Assessment of the workplace.



We provide our noise assessments for all types of businesses and commercial ventures, as well as the residential market.



Reducing the incidence of hearing damage compensation claims in the workplace

Our aim is to reduce the incidence of permanent and irreversible hearing damage to people at work.  Reducing the amount of compensation claims, which in turn, can save your business thousands of dollars. 


Under Australian regulations action must be taken if noise in the workplace exceeds 140dB(C) SPL Peak and/or an average noise exposure to staff exceeding 85dB(A) SPL over an 8hr shift.

Using precision measurement tools and acoustic knowledge, we provide professional and reliable Noise Assessments for any business type.  Locating solutions and making affordable and cost effective recommendations tailored specifically to your needs.