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  • Workplace Noise Assessments
  • Environmental Noise Assessments
  • Noise Assessments for Council Approval 
  • Developmental Noise Assessments
  • Residential Noise Assessments

Why Acoustics-AP?

  • On-site attendance on all jobs to ensure a bespoke solution with the best result
  • We send out only fully qualified acoustic specialists.
  • Competitive rates: As a small but growing company we are free from overheads which increase the costs of assessment with a larger consultancy firms.
  • Proven success where noise approval can be difficult to obtain.
  • We care about the result.

How We Work?

  • All of our sound level measurements are carried out using high precision Type 1 Class A dB SPL Sound Level Meters to ensure the highest accuracy when carrying out noise assessments.
  • We don't make commissions on any sales and hence we don't needlessly recommend unnecessary costly solutions.
  • Our recommendations are unbiased and cost efficient with the aim of providing the best results for our clients.
  • All of our noise assessments contain detailed analysis of the noise environment, including information on all noise sources and recommendations tailored specifically to solve the problem.
  • All noise assessments are carried out in accordance with the relevant Governmental Regulations.

What Next?

  • For a free no obligation chat about your noise requirements please

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