Our aim is to reduce the incidence of permanent and irreversible hearing damage in the workplace.  The completion of a Workplace Noise Assessment will provide direction and solutions for your business. 

A Workplace Noise Assessment will provide you with useful information, such as the level of noise exposure for all staff members over their entire shifts, and identifying staff members most at risk.   All recommendations are listed in order of priority, and will provide cost effective, practical and intuitive solutions. 

It is important to note that, under Australian Regulations, preventative action must be taken if workers are exposed to noise levels exceeding 85dB(A) SPL over an average 8hr shift or a Peak SPL (Sound Pressure Level) on or exceeding 140dB(C).  In addition, longer shifts are taken into account and are calculated accordingly.  Preventative action will protect staff from the potential of permanent and irreversible hearing damage.

Our assessments and recommendations are aimed to help create a safe working environment and to prevent costly worker's compensation claims - saving your business time and money.  

All of our Noise Assessments are carried out in accordance with the Australian Standard, AS/NZ 1269 Occupational Noise Management requirements, by trained acoustical professionals.

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