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Our team will find cost effective noise solutions for any audio related situation.  You can be sure that all of our noise solutions are based on strong acoustical knowledge.  We use of 'state of the art' acoustical measurement and analytical tools to achieve the best results, tailored specifically to your needs.

A common problem found in noisy restaurants or halls is the presence of a long reverberation time.   A highly reverberant space can cause 'noise chaos' where sounds linger for a long time.  This causes them to blend with the new sounds and create a 'mishmash' of noise.  This will affect communication and create an undesirable environment, which is especially undesirable within the hospitality industry.

Vibrational noise can cause real problems for workers and their productivity.  Acoustics & Audio Production will provide engineering solutions to ensure that the problem is reduced at its source.

Whether you need acoustical or vibrational noise reduction services, Acoustics & Audio Production can find the right solution for your business at an affordable price.