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At Acoustics & AP we can find the right solution to fix your noise issues. We provide tailored acoustical solutions to enhance the acoustical quality of conference rooms, restaurants, halls, home theatres, and mitigate unwanted noise such noisy businesses and noisy neighbours, or any other situation that require acoustical expertise.   

​​We provide acoustic consultancy services to architects with a strong focus on achieving the best results for their clients.

For commercial and home recording studios, we can provide the information you need to achieve the best results from your space.  Tailored to your needs and your budget, we can provide a wide range of services, from soundproofing, sound absorption, diffuser layout (to scatter sound), ‘live and dead’ areas (reverberant and non-reverberant areas), as well as many other acoustic related services. 

​Bad acoustics in places such as restaurants can bring a real negative effect to the business, as a highly reverberant space can cause real problems when communicating within that space.  This in turn can detract from the customer’s enjoyment and limit a business’ full potential. 

We can provide tailor-made solutions for your business or home that are practical, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing.